Practicing Public and Nonprofit Management


By: C. Kenneth Meyer, Lance J. Noe, and Jeffrey A. Geerts
First Edition
E-Book and Learning Management System Resources: (RedShelf, VitalSource)
Format: Print Paperback
Price: $60.00
ISBN: 978-0-977-0881-9-5
Pages: 250
Published: January 2019


Practicing Public and Nonprofit Management is the contemporary follow-up to the popular casebook Practicing Public Management.

This practical casebook is a compilation of 39 concise, realistic cases designed for a variety of teaching purposes in public and nonprofit management programs. The collection is eclectic and covers a rich variety of management issues. Practicing Public and Nonprofit Management is the most complete of compendium of public and nonprofit management case studies available today.


Testimonials from professors who have used case studies from Practicing Public and Nonprofit Management.

“An excellent collection of concise, well-written cases short enough to prevent boredom but detailed enough to allow for correct analysis of management problems.”

“The main strength of the text is the case study approach. This approach forces students to solve problems very like those they will face in the work world. In terms of the realism of the content of the cases, the text is superior. The issues contained in the text cover a broad spectrum of issues confronting the public and nonprofit manager—an advantage when the text is used in a ‘cases’ class or when it is used in an introductory management class.”

Topics Covered

Embedded in the cases are 202 topics including the enduring notions of communication, ethics, leadership, fiduciary responsibility, human resources, organization behavior, boards of directors, policy making and implementation, recruitment and hiring, public and community relations, political relations, women in management, conflict resolution, conflict of interest, sexual conduct and harassment, and power and authority.

Sample Cases

A $5,000 Anonymous Phone Call

Welcome to the Board of Directors

Index of Topics

As an aid to instructors in selecting cases, management and policy topics are alphabetically arranged in the Index of Topics. This listing ties each case to the major and minor topics which receive emphasis. The topic listings are followed by the case numbers in which they are addressed.

Case Histories Keyed To Topics
An additional learning tool which lists the cases by number and title according to the table of contents and topics emphasized in the cases.

Index of Names, Positions, and Organizational Types
This handy reference tool ties the name of characters and their position to the pages of the case studies where they are mentioned.

Student Tools and Learning Assessments

Case Logs and Administrative Journal Entries
Appendix C of the text includes a set of questions and instructions intended to stimulate thinking and discussion about the problems under consideration. This case analysis and learning assessment may be copied and used with each case.


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