Nonprofit Management and Leadership Case Studies


By: C. Kenneth Meyer, Lance J. Noe, Garry L. Frank, and Jeffrey A. Geerts
First Edition
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Format: Print Paperback
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ISBN: 978-0-977-0881-6-4
Pages: 350+
Published: Fall 2013


Nonprofit Management and Leadership Case Studies is a long-awaited learning resource that presents 31 comprehensive case studies central to leadership and management in a variety of contemporary nonprofit organizations. This book may serve as a standard text in undergraduate, graduate, or professional training programs.

Essential features:
• A differentiation between nonprofit and public organizations on mission, compensation, motivation, direction, strategic planning, and volunteerism
• Real-life situations that require thoughtful analysis
• Nearly 190 major concepts, theories and techniques set in 31 case studies
• Case studies designed to engage individual and group analysis, discussion, dialogue, assessment and reflective learning


“The authors have crafted useful cases that reflect the contemporary workplace challenges faced by nonprofit administrators. The book deserves a place on the syllabi of all instructors using a case study pedagogy.”
– Dr. Lisa A. Dicke, Department of Public Administration, University of North Texas

“This casebook provides students with a comprehensive presentation of relevant issues faced by public and nonprofit practitioners. The thought provoking questions easily facilitate constructive discussions and practical answers. Unlike other casebooks, this informative text contains numerous examples and case studies to analyze in the area of nonprofit sector management and leadership.”
– Dr. Karabi C. Bezboruah, School of Urban and Public Affairs, University of Texas at Arlington

Topics Covered

The incidents described in the 31 cases provoke interest in more than 190 customary administrative and leadership concepts such as: management issues, effective communication, compensation, volunteerism, community relations, contract administration, delegation of authority, diversity, discipline, recruitment, selection, training, social media, affirmative action, fiduciary responsibility, benefits, fundraising, immigration, internship program management, conflict resolution, nepotism, marketing, outsourcing, confidentiality, staff relations, equal employment, workplace-discrimination, strategic planning and philanthropic organizations.

Sample Cases

Turning the Tide: Transitioning from Volunteer to Paid Staff

Index of Topics

As an aid to instructors in selecting cases, management and policy topics are alphabetically arranged in the Index of Topics. This listing ties each case to the major and minor topics which receive emphasis. The topic listings are followed by the case numbers in which they are addressed.

Case Histories Keyed To Topics
An additional learning tool which lists the cases by number and title according to the table of contents and topics emphasized in the cases.

Index of Names, Positions, and Organizational Types
This handy reference tool ties the name of characters and their position to the pages of the case studies where they are mentioned.

Student Tools and Learning Assessments

Case Logs and Administrative Journal Entries
Each case is accompanied by a set of questions and instructions intended to stimulate thinking and discussion about the problems under consideration. This case analysis and learning assessment is printed on perforated pages and may be removed from the book for time-saving evaluation purposes.

A timeline following each case helps students accurately order the major case events to learn how the timing of these events influenced the ultimate outcome.

Mental Jogger
Following each case is a mental jogger section which allows learners to note ideas they want to remember or discuss in class.

Personal Reflections
Each case contains a section for additional notes and observations as well as a section for personal reflections where students can write topics or concerns to be addressed in other case analyses.

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