Human Relations in Action


By: C. Kenneth Meyer, Ph.D.; Garry L. Frank, Ph.D.; Jeffrey A. Geerts, M.P.A.; Lance J. Noe
First Edition
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E-Book ISBN: 978-1-7334618-5-6
ISBN: 978-0-9770881-5-7,
Pages: 317
Published: 2011

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Human Relations in Action closes the loop between being immersed in theory and utilizing human relations in reality. The 46 case studies are artfully written and include nearly 200 essential concepts, notions and theory central to the study of human relations. As such, they invite focused analysis, discussion and real-life practice. The cases are imbedded in 2lst Century issues and problems and cut across the three economic sectors with clarity and realism. In brief, Human Relations in Action presents scenarios and “slices of organizational life” that are sure to arise as we encounter the dynamics and complexity of interpersonal and organizational relationships.


“This case book provides enough variety of cases that it will make a great addition to public administration, management and leadership courses. Both undergraduates and graduate students can easily read the text. The questions at the end of the case studies are clear enough to allow the instructor to adapt them to course material and content. The authors provide clear readable prose.”
— Dr. Michael Hall, Professor and Director, MPA and Master’s of Leadership, Roger Williams University

“This book presents a useful, diverse set of case studies for consideration and analysis. It provides questions for student response that will generate contemplation and discussion.”
— Dr. Jeffrey Brudney, Albert A. Levin Chair of Urban Studies and Public Service, Cleveland State University

“A timely and vital contribution to the study of human relations; it would be a useful addition at either the undergraduate or graduate level of instruction.”
— Dr. Glenda Hufnagel, Professor, Department of Human Relations, The University of Oklahoma

Sample Cases

American vs. Immigrant Labor
Contagious Neighborhoods

Instructor Resources

Index of Topics – As an aid to instructors in selecting cases, management and policy topics are alphabetically arranged in the Index of Topics. This listing ties each case to the major and minor topics which receive emphasis. The topic listings are followed by the case numbers in which they are addressed.

Case Histories Keyed To Topics – An additional learning tool which lists the cases by number and title according to the table of contents and topics emphasized in the cases.

Index of Names, Positions, and Organizational Types – This handy reference tool ties the name of characters and their position to the pages of the case studies where they are mentioned.

Student Tools and Learning Assessments

Case Logs and Administrative Journal Entries – Each case is accompanied by a set of questions and instructions to stimulate thinking and discussion. This case analysis and learning assessment is printed on perforated pages and may be removed from the book for time-saving evaluation purposes.

Learning Assessment – Provided at the end of each case is a Learning Assessment tool to help students reflect on the case and summarize the class discussion regarding the case issues and conclusion for preferred approach to the situation presented.


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